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Frequently asked questions

What is a Graduated Licensing Program Course (GLP) ?

A GLP course, or Graduated Licensing Program is a course that only licensed and certified ICBC approved Driving schools can offer. The course includes in an inclass theory and 1on1 behind the wheel lessons. By successfully completing this classroom and driving course, students are eligible to receive: 6 months off of the N stage of your licence. 2 High School credits. The aim of this extensive training program is to reduce the number of crashes among new drivers by allowing them to gain experience gradually while being exposed to less risk. By integrating in-car and classroom learning experiences, students absorb the learning outcomes and are able to apply them while driving. Book with a trusted driving school. We have been awarded with being one of the top 3 in Vancouver! Choose Johnston’s Driving School today.

Does Johnston's Driving School offer pick up service for their individual in-car lessons?

Yes, we offer pick up from home, school, work or any other location that is in our service area. Our service area is Vancouver and Richmond

What hours do you operate?

We offer lessons 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm

Do you offer single in-car lessons?

Yes, we offer single in-car lessons, packages of in-car lessons and full courses that will qualify you for your GLP incentives.

Can students do their road test in Johnston's Driving School vehicle?

Yes, in fact not only will we schedule your ICBC road test for you, but your instructor will meet you at the test facility early on the road test day and take you out to familiarize you with the general road test areas before helping you get signed in. During your road test, the instructor will wait for you while you are on your road test and give you a ride home after you’re done.

My Learners' Driver Licence will expire soon. Can I renew it?

You cannot renew a Learners’ Driver Licence. You have to take the computer knowledge test again, and that passing grade is only good for 2 years.

How many hours of class time do I need?

For students unsure of the number of hours necessary to become a confident driver, we suggest a driving assessment with an instructor. Our experienced instructors will evaluate your level of expertise and recommend an adequate number of hours accordingly. We also welcome you to call in to our centre where our friendly staff may suggest the perfect package according to your driving experience.

What driving skills will I learn through your programs?

At Johnston's Driving School we aim to prepare our students so that they may be confident and safe defensive drivers on the road. Our experienced instructors will work with you to enhance and correct your driving skills. The following list is of specific skills our programs reinforce: Pre-trip check Two and three point turns Steering and wheel control Maintaining speed control Changing lanes safely Becoming confident at large intersections Stall parking (driving forward and backing up) Maneuvering smoothly through parallel parking Merging and exiting highways or freeways Hazard perception Maneuvering and avoiding head-on collisions Gaining confidence for the road test

Can I drive alone with my letter “L”?

No, you cannot. As a learner, you must be accompanied by a supervisor 25 years or older with a class five B.C. drivers licence or with a professional driving school instructor.

As a new driver can I drive anywhere with my letter "N"?

Yes, you can. The only restrictions for the novice driver’s are the following: Display the letter N on the back of your car. 0 alcohol blood level. May carry only one passenger. Unless the other passengers are immediate family members or there is a supervisor 25 years or older with a valid B.C. class 5 driver’s licence.

Is there a Driver Licensing Center near me?

Burnaby driver licensing (Lougheed Hwy.) 3880 Lougheed Hwy.
Burnaby BC, V5C6N4 Burnaby driver licensing (Metrotown) 232 – 4820 Kingsway
Burnaby BC, V5H4P2 North Vancouver driver licensing #104 – 125 East 13th St.
North Vancouver BC, V7L 2L3 Richmond driver licensing (Lansdowne Centre mall by Toys R Us) 402-5300 No.3 Road
Richmond BC, Vancouver driver licensing (Commercial Drive) 2750 Commercial Drive
Vancouver BC, V5N 5P4 604-661-2255 Vancouver driver licensing (Point Grey) 4126 MacDonald Street
Vancouver BC, V6L 2P2 Vancouver driver licensing (Royal Centre) 221-1055 West Georgia St.
Vancouver BC, V6E 3R5 604-661-2255

I have a full licence from another country, can I transfer to get a full BC license?

Transferable licences may be accepted from the following countries: U.S.A., Puerto Rico, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, South Korea, Australia, Netherlands , Swiss or United Kingdom, Austria and France. We always encourage you to go into an ICBC to get their professional advice on the license transfer as policies are subject to change.

Do you give lessons to seniors?

Yes, we give lessons to persons of all ages.

Are your vehicles inspected and insured as per driving school requirements?

Yes, our vehicles are insured to their maximum insurance and inspected yearly.

What precautions are you taking for COVID-19?

Johnston’s Driving School is back in normal operations. We are taking all necessary precautions to reduce the risk of Covid-19 Students are required to wear face masks. All vehicle will be cleaned before and after every lesson.